PAHO and WHO add pages to the Library

Two organizations of the United Nations this morning donated a heap of books to the national library service. The publications will spruce up the library’s health collection on a wide range of issues from bio-medical to technical literature that have been published by PAHO and the WHO. News Five’s Delahnie Bain also found out that the collection of publications will be available at libraries across the country.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

There is a new collection of publications at the National Library Service, which puts an abundance of health information at the fingertips of every Belizean. Today PAHO/WHO officially handed over its full collection of health science publications at the Leo Bradley Library.

Dr. Gerardo De Cosio, PAHO/WHO Representative

“This is a technical and scientific collection that compiles most of the documents that have been published by both organizations, Pan American and World Health organizations. It’s composed of about seven thousand publications and it may be growing. It is the mental well being and physical well being of every person, not just the absence of disease. And if we can achieve this goal of having a healthy Belize, I think the goal of the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization would have been achieved in the country of Belize thanks to the support of the people of Belize.”

According to Chief Librarian, Joy Ysagurrie, today’s event is the result of an eight year partnership with PAHO.

Joy Ysagurrie, Chief Librarian, Belize Nat Library Service & Information System

“We first came involved with PAHO in 2003, with the launch of the first virtual health library in Belize. From that time, the BNLS was designated as the executive coordinator of the VHL and chair of the Advisory committee. With PAHO and BIRAME giving support to the VHL in financial, technical and training aspects, we have tried over the years to bolster the capacities of institutions involved in health sciences in Belize.”

The books in the new health sciences section cover everything from illnesses to services and are pertinent to Belize as well as the entire Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Tiffara Watler, Library Assistant, Health Sciences Collection

“This health sciences collection maintains different materials pertaining to the work of the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization. It will expand access to technical reference information, covering a broad range of subject areas within the bio-medical field and the public health field. It also disseminates regional information on health subjects affecting people of Latin American countries and the Caribbean. If you need information on HIV/AIDS, other STIs mental health, environmental health, medical research, drug and technologies or even health systems and services, or any other topic, this new science health collection is the most valuable addition to our collections and will enhance the Leo Bradley Library’s capacity to better serve our clients.”

Regional Health Manager, Melinda Guerra emphasizes that the publications are not only for the benefit of medical professionals.

Melinda Guerra, Regional Health Manager, Ministry of Health

“This evidence based health information will be readily available to students, health personnel and members of the general public who need to find data on health matters, especially data on Belize, the region and Latin America. It is important that multi-sectoral partners come together to foster, harness and use this information to improve health equity. We need to encourage our children, our students, and our people to access and use the health information initiatives.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

According to PAHO/WHO representative, Dr. Gerardo de Cosio, talks are underway to grant the BNLSIS access to the global virtual library.

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