Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize

Rio On Pools – Mountain Pine Ridge in Cayo, Belize

Right off the main road in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve that leads you to the Caracol Archeological Site, lies the scenic Rio On Pools. These are a continuous series of pools formed between waterfalls cascading through the large granite boulders found in the area. These boulders are considered to be some of the oldest rocks in Central America.

The area is not only a beautiful sight but it is also good to dip in and enjoy the water and take a swim. The smooth surface of the boulders make some good natural water slides between the pools.

The whole area of Mountain Pine Ridge has a beautiful landscape that is not commonly associated with Belize. The area’s high altitude creates a slightly colder climate that is good for the development of a pine tree forest. A Pine tree forest in Belize?! That I did not expect…