Lazy Lizard Bar at the Split with its spanking new rooftop deck (Photo by Charlie Jones of Raggamuffin Tours)

There are two tales to be told of last weekend � the opening of the new deck at the split and our ladies football team's heroic first leg performance in their fight to be Belize Ladies Champions.

The split � for those who are interested, has got a new deck. Stairways to the deck flank each side of the building and on the top is its very own bar!! DJ Chico allowed all to dance the night away on Saturday night - and boy did we enjoy it. The view from the top deck is quite breathless and so sunset drinks at the split becoming a must for all who visit here!!

Season finals for female football teams – Caye Caulker’s Island Stars against Belize City’s Millenium Girls (Photo by Charlie Jones of Raggamuffin Tours)

And our Ladies Champions, Island Starts - a team that has been put together with amazing success only this year - played their first leg to battle out the Championship here in Caye Caulker. There were high hopes (and a huge crowd), despite the fact in the league their opposition, Smart Millenium, was undefeated (truthfully this team have been playing for 13 years!!) However, on Sunday luck was not on their side as experienced the Belize City team played a perfect game with a number of absolutely unstoppable goals - defeating Caye Caulker.

For us as onlookers, we still can be proud of our newly put together team of girls. For us they are still Champions as they have achieved so much in the league itself - carving a reputation for years to come!! Not forgetting that our key goal scorer Lilian Joseph will be the Leagues Leading Goal Scorer!!

Go Caye Caulker!!