And while that project is for at-risk youth, opportunities are also opening up for young adults seeking educational opportunities.

Belize and Mexico today renewed their Educational and Cultural Cooperation Programme.

The agreement was signed today by the Mexican Ambassador and Belize's Minister of Education - they told us about the opportunities:

Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education
"Getting our people to study in Mexico is a tremendous opportunity. Many of our people are Spanish-speaking, and so that opportunity to study in Mexico goes well for them. But, it's just a renewal of an agreement that had expired some time ago, but with more benefits especially for Belize, I'd say. Well, there are more scholarships being offered now. And like I've said, we have not, in the past, taken full advantage of those that we available. It is now an improved effort on our part. But, there are more scholarships being offered in the new agreement."

H. E. Mario Velasquez - Mexican Ambassador to Belize
"There are several Mexican Universities participating in this new program. For that reason, the scholarships, they will come from different areas in Mexico. This agreement, you are going to see that we have a lot of possibilities in archeological areas, jurists for example, those kinds of activities, those kind of training that are necessary for Belize."

The agreement is for 2010 - to 2013 - and it is reciprocal - meaning Mexican students can study at the Regional Language Center in Belize.

So what are the scholarship opportunities?

Well, they will be advertised, but you can contact the Tertiary Unit in the Ministry of Education or visit the Ministry's website. Find a link to that at

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