The National Drug Abuse Control Council led an effort called the "True Meaning Of Christmas" in Corozal Town a few days ago.

It's an ambitious effort - which saw those living on the margins in Corozal town, brought in off the streets and clothed, groomed - even manicured - fed and counseled.

NDACC's Esner Vellos explained:

Esner Vellos - Director, NDACC
"Basically, what we are doing is that, we are getting all the indigent people that are in the community of Corozal Town, and bringing them to the Civic Center. And they are going for a process of evaluation, giving them services such as cutting their hair, providing them medical treatment, medication, and clothing. We bathe them, and at the same time, we provide them with a sense of guidance. What we are proposing is that we do this activity every two to three months within the year, and make the Christmas activity the bigger one."

Former Addict
"Well, I don't have anywhere to stay. I don't have any little house or so. If I can get a lot, I could build a house, because I have a lot of people who can help me."

"Do you have an addiction?"

Former Addict
"Well, first I used to smoke and stuff; it's been a long time since I stopped. I used to smoke cocaine, and I used to be on the street a lot worse than how I am right now. I thank God for taking out all of that out of me. I don't get any kind of smoke, nothing that brings a habit."

Esner Vellos
"This activity that we are having today is specifically that, so that we can show the community that it doesn't matter if you are an addict, a homeless, or you're an indigent, you still have rights. And just as how you have rights, you also have that opportunity to make a change in your life, and once again become a productive citizen in our community. As you can see, most of the volunteers that are here are students. And there are some vulnerable students from a specific school. And what we trying to here also, is that we trying to show them that these are the consequences of addiction."

This is the second year NDACC has spearheaded the program.

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