You may not know it, but Sound Clashes are at the root of most modern music, from hip hop to electronica to house: it started in Jamaica with rival sound systems clashing.

And a few sound crews are bringing a taste of that to Belize this weekend with a DJ competition called "Clash of the Titans."

Two of Belize's Top Dj'ing crews will be competing against each other for the sound boy championship.

Today Monica Bodden got to see them spin selections:

Monica Bodden Reporting

It's called "Clash of the Titans" - where two of Belize's most talented sound crews - go head to head as they battle for the Championship title.

The spin-off is between Federation 501 and Tag International - 2 established DJ organizations that are well known on the international market.

Top DJ's such as Lindy D, Jargo, Bobo and HP will be repping their crew.

Joseph Augustine - Show's Promoter
"We know 501; we know Tag International. It's no secret that they are two of the best sounds in Belize. So, one of the ideas is that we wanted Belize to get a sense something small for now - well it's big - but something for right now, and then more will happen down the road. Tag International is one of the biggest sounds; the younger people are into Tag International a whole lot. We have Federation 501, and a lot of people are into 501. That's one of the ideas that brought this all about."

Monica Bodden
"Tell me about the competition, come Saturday. How will it work?"

Joseph Augustine
"We already spoke to them so, one of the ideas is that who have the best tracks to put down, will put it down. So its a clash of the Titans. So people, be sure to be here. So "Clash of the Titans", if anyone knows who the titans are - look it up. Tag International and Federation 501, it's not just one DJ, but a whole group, so we will have one group going against the other."

One of the hosts for Saturday night's event will be Belizean hiphop artist Mr Goldbar who has been in the music industry for the last 5 years and is based in New York.

Mr. Goldbar - Artist
"Well, I'm out here right now just to help promote the company, the Bash Promotions, they're doing their first official bash here in Belize City at Club Next, on December 17. So they brought me out here just to help out with that, to obviously attend the event. We have Federation 501 and Tag International in the building, and also, we'll have a couple of other sound crews that will be in the building. I'm really just here to make sure that everyone has as good a time as possible."

Bash promotions, a promotion company coming out of New York - is the ones responsible for the DJ's spin off.

Meshach Cleary - CEO, Bash Promotions
"I have a couple of different things going on, specifically with Bash. Obviously, I'm the CEO of Bash Promotions. This is the artist that we have in Belize that we're really pushing hard. We have several artists, but I'm really trying to focus on Goldbar as much as possible and push him. In addition to that, I have a consultant company back in the States, where my expertise is more supply chains. So there are a lot of different things going on, and my focus is, just like Goldbar said, we're really trying to get Belize on the map, starting by putting out great music. And anybody who's heard Goldbar's music, which hopefully includes all of you guys, you know we put out quality music. If you see how we're promoting this event, we're not half-stepping on anything. We have two of the biggest sound crews here, Federation 501 and Tag International. We're obviously doing things on the news. Obviously, I'm here all week just focused in, being on the ground and making sure that I'm connecting with everybody because at the end of the day, I truly believe that this is going to be the best event that you guys have had all year. So this is important to me because it makes business sense to me, but it should be important for you guys because with this, there are going to be more things. We're going to get to the point where we're doing trips out here, so tourism is going to go up - everybody is going to start eating, and our whole movement is really trying to put the whole city and country on our backs to make that happen."

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