The movement that placed second in the Municipal Elections in Belmopan in 2009, the Vision Inspired by the People, has merged forces with the People’s National Party, PNP of Toledo. Led by its Mayoral Candidate, Paco Smith, today the VIP called a press conference to offer what it calls a positive alternative in the political arena in Belize.

Paco Smith, Mayoral Candidate, VIP
“We also intend to look at social issues, security, health and environment, education which is very key and also towards achieving sustainable development for the Belize City Council. You might ask, what is our approach, how will we go about doing this? Let me tell you, it begins with a commitment, very importantly it involves integrity, something I believe has been lacking at the City Council for successive administrations.”

The Leader of the People’s National Party, Will Maheia, implored Belizeans to give the amalgam a chance for change.

Will Maheia, Leader, PNP
“I am begging and asking am pleading to the Belizean people, no more of this where they are telling people that oh the VIP too small or the PNP is too small, or they are just one party. No, we have men and women of vision that we do not need the PUDP to continue running this country. I want to echo the sentiments of the Chairman of the VIP on corruption, every time you turn around you see corruption in this country, if you are tired of the corruption in this country then I call on you the Belizean people to make this change.”

The VIP/PNP team, which will field candidates, in Belize City, Belmopan and Punta Gorda, also got overwhelming support from two former PUP Ministers in the persons of Hector Silva, and Fred Hunter Senior.

Fred Hunter, Endorses VIP/PNP
“Belize is at the bottom of the hill now, there is only one way left and that is up, but we have to change, you now have a choice. First you had black dog for monkey, you vote for the black dog it did you bad, you vote for the monkey it did you bad, you go back and vote for the black dog it did you bad, you vote for the monkey, you are caught between a vice and they are not going to change because they are too old in their vices. We are bringing in new blood, new ideas, new vigor, we are bringing in vision.”

Hector Silva, Endorses VIP/PNP
“I see and I will borrow the words of the great Martin Luther King, at last, at last we are seeing a light in that dark cloud that has engulfed our beautiful nation of Belize.”

As for his plan for new Councils in Belize City and Belmopan, Paco Smith said that good governance, decentralization, better auditing and the environment will be keys areas of focus for his movement. And Smith did not end without criticizing the existing two-party system.

Paco Smith
“The VIP is not like the PUDP and I say that without any reservations, we are not beholden onto a corrupt entity and we are part of a socio economic movement with allegiance to you the people of the City of Belize. Remember we have consciously chosen to walk the road less travelled, thus making us fundamentally different from those established political entities which comprise the local two-party system.”