Renowned for its Maya ruins, the only jaguar sanctuary in Central America and dramatic rivers, Belize is fast becoming a must see destination in Central America. With the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere hugging almost the entire coast, it’s splendid and numerous sand cayes, mangrove forests, and coastal lagoons, together earned a place on the exclusive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Toucan:The National Bird of Belize
Declared a  protected area in 1984 under the Wildlife Protection Act, the Crooked Tree Wildlife sanctuary is home to the famous “Jabiru Stork”, the largest bird in the Western Hemisphere. The Jabiru has a wing span of 10-12 feet and is listed as an endangered species. Around the wetlands of the sanctuary you will find many other birds feeding on the abundant food resources that the lagoons provide; the Great Egrets, Kingfishers, Ospreys, Black Hawks and many others. The entire area is a must for international birders.
Fishing at the Crooked Tree Lagoon
Climbing a Guave Tree in Lemonal Village
Iphone 3G and a Belikin-Kanantik Resort-You better Belize it!
 Relaxing at the beach! According to the Belize Tourism Board 231,439 tourists arrived by air in 2009. Book your seat now before it's overrun!!
English is the official language, but Spanish, Garifuna, Creole, Ketchi and Chinese are widely spoken.
Mayan young ladies selling their wares in Southern Belize
Making tofu dishes. Vegetarians and vegans traveling to Belize should head to the country’s deep south, Punta Gorda, and stop by Gomier’s Health is Wealth Vegetarian Restaurant. Gomier, a St. Lucian who has lived in Belize for 16 years, makes his own tofu. As if that’s not enough, he turns it into dishes even the most die-hard tofu lover probably hasn’t tried. 

Austin Rodriguez, making drums. He has been making drums for over 35 years.
Making Cassava Bread in Hopkins Village
A Way of Life, Serre Fish and Marie Sharp Hot Sauce!
Diversity of Cultures- The Garinagu

Photos #5 & 6-Jane Crawford; Photo #3 Hamanasi Resort

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