Move or Lose - Francis Fonseca will not run in Freetown - he's looking for a safe division

Francis Fonseca, Said Musa and Anthony Mahler

Francis Fonseca is looking for somewhere to run after it has been confirmed that Lee Mark Chang will be thrashing him in the upcoming General Elections. He first had his eyes set on Caribbean Shores, but Weedy stood his ground and told him he can't have it. It was a great spectacle, which unraveled earlier this week when Anthony Mahler said he would not be giving up the Caribbean Shores Division. Apparently, Mahler got wind that Fonseca was aiming for his division and decided to stand against it.

He claims that it is Lisa Shoman, who is looking to take his seat, however, PUP inside sources have it that it was Fonseca, who was actually looking to go into the division and displace him. To save face, he blamed Shoman as the one who was trying to 'jack' his constituency. Nonetheless, Fonseca seeing that Weedy would not topple that easily, quickly began to look for an alternative.

Best information suggests that, in an effoart to have a PUP leader in the house after the elections are over, Said Musa is willing to step aside in Fort George to have Francis run in that constituency. It appears that the PUP thinks this is a safe seat for them and they are hoping that when the elections are called Francis will be able to slip in there and win the elections. Having the history he has however, that is just wishful thinking. As a matter of fact, even if Said Musa runs in that division he stands a very small chance of winning.

The Guardian