The family of the late Audrey Dawn Lamb, 51, a former softball superstar, is making funeral preparations after she died last week. Amandala understands from the family that she had been suffering from poor heart health for the last four years of her life.

Witnesses told us that she had a serious fall on Friday on Albert Street, which may have been caused from her failing health, and she died shortly after that incident.

The Lamb family is a family that has distinguished itself for athletic excellence. Audrey, in softball, was as talented as the rest of her family. We were told that in the mid to late 1970's she was a member of prominent softball teams such as "Loyolans", "Coke", and "Belikin." She also was a prominent player on the Belize National Softball Team.

According to her family, she travelled to several countries to represent Belize in softball, which included Peru, USA, and Venezuela, to name a few. Many of the softball fans who still remember her told us that she had become associated with excellence for softball in her time.

Her family told us that she eventually quit the sport in her late 30's to early 40's, and from then on, she became a solely family-oriented woman.

Lamb is the mother of four grown children: Claudia Middleton, Tyron Edwards, Densmore Edwards, and Ashton Edwards. The Edward brothers, like their mother, have become known for their talent in sports, particularly basketball, where they are currently members of inter-office teams, and recreational softball.

Her family told us that she was a very caring and jovial woman who enjoyed making people laugh. They reminisced about her love of cooking, and her very generous assistances to those in need. Belize not only lost a softball legend, but also a very productive member of the community.

Funeral arrangements are set for this coming Sunday at the Nazarene Church on Freetown Road at 1 p.m.