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Rio Frio Cave – Mountain Pine Ridge in Cayo, Belize

Belize is considered to have the largest cave system in Central America. Caves are spread all around the country, especially in the Toledo and Cayo Districts. One of the reasons Belize has so many caves is because it has an abundance of limestone rock. Caves are formed after millions of years of erosion created by water passing through the soft limestone rock.

Rio Frio Cave is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, and it is also easily accessible when visiting Caracol Archeological Site.

This is not a big cave in size or length, but it has the largest dome and entrance mouth in the country of Belize – 65-foot arched entrance and half a mile long.

The Rio Frio Cave is well known for its massive mouth, or may I say, massive mouths, as the rear mouth is only a couple hundred feet towards the back of the cave. This cave feels like if you were standing inside a giant macaroni, as it is shaped like an arched tunnel with a river flowing through it. If you go during the dry season, you will be able to walk all the way to the back entrance of the cave.

Since it’s a small cave, a flashlight is not required. Natural light always bathes the cave tunnel from both ends.

This cave is one of the least strenuous caves to visit in all Belize. It only requires a 3 minutes hike from the car and the hiking inside the cave is minimal.