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(L-R) Arthur Anothony, Artemio Chable (fr), Kendra Thomas, Albert Lawrence (fr), Ludwig Castillo (bk) & Ernel Dominguez.

The San Pedro Police Department held its third annual Christmas Party which coincided with its monthly, quarterly and end of year awards for its officers on Saturday December 10th. The event, which took place at Fido’s Court Yard, was organized by Tammy Peterson and senior members of the San Pedro Police Department. Both events were geared to the community and department appreciation to the hard working law enforcement officers.

Peterson explained to The San Pedro Sun that the small party shows the community’s appreciation towards the work that the officers do for the island. “It takes about six months to get the officers on a scheduled day that they will be able to attend the event… As far as the food goes, I had great cooperation from all the neighborhoods and local businesses here,” said Peterson. Peterson explained that it is very important to show appreciation for the officers who often go overlook and their services taken for granted. “They deserve the party! I think that the officers do the best that they can and they work very hard; 38 officer manning a population of 22 thousand speaks for itself,” said Peterson.

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