In crime news, the Punta Gorda Police Formation is investigating three cases of Aggravated Burglary that occurred on Monday night. The incidents occurred within minutes of each other in the San Marcus Village of Toledo. It is alleged that the culprits in each case may have been the same group of men who were wreaking havoc in the area. The first victim was Marcos Choc, a farmer who reported that he was awakened at around eleven forty-five when he heard a knock at his front door. Choc says a person claiming to be a cop, called out for him and said the group was there to conduct a search for drugs and firearms. The farmer opened the door and saw nine persons wearing camouflage uniforms and masks. One of the men pointed a black point thirty-eight revolver at him while the others entered and searched his house. Choc was then gagged, taken on the side of the road and beaten before the assailants fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

By midnight, two men dressed in camouflage targeted the home of Martin Choc, also a farmer of San Marcus Village. Choc was awakened by the alert barking of his dogs. When he opened his door, one of the men quickly stepped inside and again claimed to be police searching for firearms and drugs. Martin showed them his licensed sixteen-gauge shotgun along with five cartridges. Choc also reported that he saw six other persons dressed in camouflage uniforms in the yard. The commotion at Chocís house woke his son, Vicente who lives next door. When Vicente went to investigate, he was stopped by three of the men. One of the assailants led him into his fatherís house at gunpoint and questioned him about drugs, firearms and money. They searched Martinís house and took an undisclosed amount of cash, two cell phones, a wristwatch and his firearm. The group of men fled the scene in an unspecified vehicle.

Channel 5