In last week’s newscast we reported on thief or thieves broke who into the storage building and burglarized a container full of toys for underprivileged children. The container, which arrived in Belize last week, was filled with toys, food supplies, shoes and many other donations. John Carr proprietor of Banana Bank tells us more.

John Carr, Proprietor, Banana Bank
What I really would like to talk about a little is the King’s Children’s Home. Everyone knows about them and a lot of people work hard to make their lives better, but every one of those children has a story. This Christmas season was coming along and some people from Clovers, New Mexico have been visiting Belize for awhile. They were able to look at twelve pairs of shoes on line and chose the ones they wanted in different colors and brands. So that happened and they brought the shoes to Belize and they had them a metal building in Orange Bank and the shoes were all stolen. That was about a week ago; rough story.

While seemed as if the “Grinch” had stole Christmas away from those kids. The Word at Work Ministries who was backing the initiative was able to contact those who had initially made contribution and got them to resend the items.

John Carr
They brought these children to Banana Bank yesterday at the Lodge and they went horseback riding, swimming and had a big turkey dinner last night. These kids are all from infants to seventeen years old. When they passed out those shoes they thought they weren’t going to get them and they did get the shoes. It was just beautiful. So good things do happen. I don’t know what happened to the people who stole the shoes. It’s a sad day because it is someone from America trying to help these kids have a little better deal and someone else intervenes. I hope they get caught; I hope they have to pay for them, but in the end, God took care of it and the kids got their shoes anyway. We had great music from Fem Cruz in Roaring Creek and it was just beautiful. Him and his daughter Jenny lee played Christian songs and it just set the stage for one of the best Christmas parties I have ever been to.

The value of the items stolen is estimated well over 10,000 Belize dollars and Carr encourage that if anyone know the whereabouts of these items, then they should contact their local police station.