35 year old Eaton Carr, a laborer of Dangriga, is alleging that police have are systematically harassing him and he is fed up of the abuse by at least one officer in particular, and is taking a threat to his life very seriously.

But Carr says he won't make a formal complaint to the Police Internal Affairs, he prefers to air his grievance in the court of public opinion, since he has absolutely no faith in the system.

The abuse he says started on August 16th of this year when he was arrested by Police, who were investigating a robbery which took place at a Chinese owned Store, located just a few yards away from his home. Carr says, a police corporal seems to have a personal grudge against him, and is taking it out of him every chance he gets.

Eaton Carr, Alleges Police abuse
"In the station like four or five of them that beat me on the ground, Miss. Castillo the Sergeant of police came from upstairs because she heard the commotion and she told them why are you beating the man for, you already have the man at the station, and then she said if you all want to deal with the man just lock him up and deal with him another time. So when she walked up stairs the policeman still insisted that he wanted to beat me again, so she came down and say that she was getting tired of him, and said I have already stated something and I want you to follow my orders and that was how he calmed down and took me into the cell."

"Later on the officer come and threatened me, he said that if he does not kill me, he will make a street man kill me, he will give them the gun to kill me."

"Will I'll be honest with you; I don't take threats likely because out here this is the real world. On the 23rd that just went by he locked me up again from the 23rd night about after 6 until the 25th evening after 6 for no apparent reason."

Jim McFadzean
"He had to have had a reason to lock you up; he didn't say what he was arresting you for?"

Eaton Carr, Alleges Police abuse
"Well, my common Law and I are going through a restraining order thing, and she took one out on me and I did the same because I don't want her to come to me when she gets into problem with her boyfriend so that I may get into problems also."

Jim McFadzean
"Have you filled a report because there is a formal way in which you can file a report against any police officer. They have the forms in all the police stations."

Eaton Carr, Alleges Police abuse
"The reason why I don't deal with IAD to me IAD is just like the police, you will not get anything out of them."

Police Press Officer Inspector Yearwood says without a formal complaint lodged against the officer he cannot officially comment on the allegations. Having said that, Yearwood told Seven News Carr is no stranger to the law and has a record of prior convictions.

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