Today, our camera crew was out at the Belmopan market where shoppers were asked what they would like to see for the year 2012, especially their wishes for Belize in the new year to come.

I would like to see people more in harmony. I would like to see especially people that look like me to be more in harmony and let us have just a little bit more patience with dealing with each other. I would like to see the young people having more courtesy for older people and I would like to see older people having more patience dealing with younger people. However, above all, what I see is a mass state of selfishness; I see people intentionally doing deliberate acts of wickedness, just simply because they can get away with it. What I would like to see is people to understand that what goes around comes around. When you are kind and loving - thoughtful and forgiving, these things will follow you. When you are wicked, mean, evil and fool around with your neighbor's husbands and wives, those things will follow you. Brakes what you are doing, find a purity in yourself and you can get that by just starting to change the way you do things. Also, eat a little bit more proper food and your temperate and sense of reasoning will improve. I would also like to see a lot less imported foods on the shelves in Belize and more things that are prepared and proper for people to eat.

For 2012, I believe what needs to be changed, is the way politics is run in Belize. Politics is destroying this beautiful country of ours that we love and call Belize, because when you look at it, when you elect a government to office, the government goes swearing with the Governor General and he says "I hold allegiance to my country, my constitution and its people" it doesn't say I hold allegiance to my party and after the election is over they forget about the people completely and they do as they please. How is it that they will hold allegiance to their party and not to the people of the country? They are neglecting their constituencies. If Belize is to move on as a prosperous nation as we all hope it will be in 2012, we the people of Belize need to get involved and stop worrying about the politicians. Let's put shoulder and hands together, whether you vote red or whether you vote blue. If you don't get involved, our country is going down. When you do that it is gone for us, there is nothing there for you. Belizeans, let us step forward and hold this bull by the horn, once and for all.

For 2012, I would like to see better improvement with our citizens, also less criminals, less crimes and better things in life. Right now things are getting tight; no money is around, bills are going up and we're not meeting anywhere. I would like to give a big shout out to all our customers and friends who have supported us for 2011, continue to support us in 2012 and believe that we will give better clothing, better shoes and better prices for all customers.

I would like for the New Year that whichever government is in power, to change that law that deals with minors, because the minors are committing adult crimes. So we need to change that and we the public demand that from our politicians, because it's time that we get the record straight; we want that to be changed, because they are no minors, because they do adult crimes and that's dangerous to society. We don't want to hear about any human rights, because that's not human rights, that's upholding that. What kind of rights is that? So we want that law to go back to the National Assembly and change. We want to get that message clear.

Seasons Greeting to the nations and one of my greatest wish is for us to vote in honest politicians who will put country ahead of self and I would like to wish my family here and aboard all the best in the New Year.

I wish a merry Christmas for everyone and happy New Year.