Words & Photography by Briana E. Heard

When I was 22, I was in college in San Francisco and working as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. Of course in the moment I am never aware of this, but I think I was content. Life was manageable and with the structure of university and it seemed anything was possible as long as I applied myself. With lofty goals in mind I created a laundry list of them to accomplish my age 30. 8 years seemed forever away.

Well, it wasn’t and that day has arrived (almost). With just 5 short weeks until saying goodbye to my twenties I am able to put another notch in my lipstick case. There were several bullet points on this list that fell by the wayside, but my travel plans did not. As of last week, I traveled to 20 countries in my twenties. Perhaps for some of you more Euro-inspired folks this seems easy breezy, but for someone who didn’t leave the country until 24 and works three jobs regularly, this feels like success.

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