And keeping it in the north, there are also reports of a major turf battle for control of party's northern caucus - which is considered its most active caucus.

Reports say there's a move afoot to hand over control of the Caucus to Florencio Marin Juniour, but that move is being resisted by the Orange Walk Standard Bearers - and at least two Corozal.

Now Florencio Marin Juniour and former party leader John Briceno are inter-party adversaries - and Briceno's loyalists are taking it as an affront - one facilitated, they believe, by elements of the party's executive.

Briceno had a meeting at his house in Orange Walk last night with 7 divisions to discuss their plans to resist this going forward.

Florencio Jr. Says He Doesn't Want To Be Northern Caucus Boss

In reference to a story aire din our last segment about a major turf war in the PUP northern caucus, Florencio Marin Juniour called our newsroom just now to say he is not involved in any attempt to unseat the Chairman of the Caucus, Valdemar Castillo. He did concede that there is some kind of mischief afoot within his own colleagues, and that there was a meeting last night held in Orange Walk under John Briceno's auspices which his division was not invited to.

But, Marin says whatever anyone may be saying, he is not trying to unseat Castillo and completely supports Valdemar Castillo as chairman of the Northern Caucus. He says that support will continue to hold right up to the election, and things may change only after that.

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