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Since 2008, Kim Shakelford has been bringing students from the University of Mississippi (also refer to as Ole Miss) to conduct volunteer work in various parts of Belize. The various groups' work progress throughout the past four years will be documented by a group of journalism students from Ole Miss.

According to Patricia Thompson, who is the Director of Student Media and an assistant professor in journalism at the University of Mississippi, the Study Abroad Office has asked them to document the progress of the volunteer program and produce a magazine. Besides gathering material to produce the magazine, Thompson explained that they are also doing different news articles for the student run television station broadcasted on the cable stations, as well as their daily newspaper and website as part of their course entitled "Multi-media Reporting in Belize."

"Most of the [over 20,000] people on our campuses don't even know that there are Ole Miss students that have been coming to San Pedro helping to build the road in San Mateo and volunteering in other parts of Belize. Our main goal is to document what our students have been doing in Belize since 2008. We also want to educate our Mississippi community about Belize. We want to educate them about the history, the culture, the tourism and other industries, so we are looking in different areas," said Thompson

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