A community pre-school was opened in San Antonio village in the Cayo district this week. Ceremonies for the inauguration of the San Antonio Pre-School were held on Monday afternoon. According to a government press release, the new pre-school building was constructed at a cost of one hundred and ninety five thousand, nine hundred and forty eight US dollars. Work on the project started in March of last year with funding provided through a grant from the Government of Japanís official development Assistance program under the Grassroots and Human Security Grant Project. The new San Antonio Pre-School building, according to the official release, is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and will be utilized as a hurricane shelter. It includes two classrooms, a principalís office, a kitchenette and bathroom facilities. Over seventy five pre-school aged children stand to benefit from the project. Present at Mondayís inauguration of the news Pre-School was area representative and minister of Agriculture, Rene Montero.