Christmas has come and gone and so has the New Years festivities. Most of us who, over the holidays, devoured pounds of pounds of special holiday foods and drinks may now be seeing an increase in or weight. Thats because most of the food that was eaten including ham and turkey, consist of high calories. But whats done is done. The question now is how to lose all that extra weight? Thats what we found out today.

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

It’s already eleven days into the New Year and some of you might still be thinking how to lose that extra weight that was gained over the holidays. It will certainly not disappear on its own and we surely don’t want to make it any worse.  But how to we lose that extra weight? One thing we can tell you is that it won’t be that easy. So, we went searching for answers and spoke to Flavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk’s Wellness Center who gave us some ideas on how to lose that extra weight without having to starve ourselves.

Screen_shot_2012-01-11_at_5.47.33_PMFlavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk Wellness Center

“Simply we need to start eating low calorie food, what do mean by that, we mean food that is less in fat and in carbohydrates, preferably fruits and vegetables or whole wheat bread, a little bit of rice, everything else but in less amount, when it come to the beers and the drinks well, definitely we are all guilty of indulging in drinks, many times our drinks are empty calories which means that just calories that we consume that just add to our extra pounds and how can we get rid of those extra pounds, well doing exercise so basically Belizeans, Orange Walkenos and Corozalenos need to get into a lifestyle that will balance what they eat and also increase their activity level whether they come to the gym or to any gym or simply walk down the street but we all need to be more active to burn the extra calories and also look after what we eat.”

So there you have it! Exercise and eat well. But you already knew that right? And I guess that for some people it is easier talking about exercising and eating healthy than actually doing it. So, in order to assist both you and me Burgos gave out some motivational tips.

Flavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk Wellness Center

“One person needs the motivation that means that as an individual you have to motivate yourself that you want this and many times we struggle with the motivation because it is so easy to lose motivation in yourself and therefore we need to find ways to motivates ourselves.’

Still not motivated? Then here is a tip that might help you. Find someone that also wants to lose weight and let that person become your diet buddy and set challenging goals for one another. For someone who wants to lose weight it is also important that he or she is surrounded by others who also follow a healthy lifestyle.

Flavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk Wellness Center

“As an individual you have to look after your own health because when you don’t take care of your health that means you will feel bad a lot of the time, you will not have the energy nor the drive to do a lot of the things that a normal individual do to be happy, to be productive and so on, as a community we also have to look after our own health and so I applaud you for looking after this awareness that we need to tell people you know we have just indulge in a lot of high calorie food with high calorie drinks but we can always go back to normal and look after our health until one year time.”

And if you just don’t care about what you eat and in what amounts, well, you should know that not eating healthy can have serious consequences.

Flavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk Wellness Center

“The number disease is diabetes and we are already there, when you look at our health department and listen to what they speak about is that the diabetes is very prevalent in Belize and therefore it had to do with their diet that we consume too much carbohydrates after a while your body cannot handle so much carbohydrates and if we don’t  burn it your body have to find a way to deal with it and so you overwork your pancreas, over work your liver and then you end up with diabetes, other problems would be those related with the heart, high blood pressure which is also another killer disease that it is in our country as well that leads to stress, to heart attack, and therefore it is something very serious that if w eat the wrong food for long period of time plus we develop sedentary lives, we are not kicking ball, we are not riding bike, we are not jumping and moving around and those are the symptoms that will take us to serious health problems.”

Flavia Burgos, Manager of Orange Walk Wellness Center

“At the gym here gym here in Orange Walk we have a variety of machines, we don’t have the services of personal trainers I personally can help people who want to get people who want to introduce to gym work and routines.”  Every February I promote the gym by offering a promotion, I give a 50% discount on registration so anybody who is fan of gym work and machinery and enjoy coming to the gym can become a member with a 50% the price that normally I charged for the whole year and so I want to tell the viewer coming February  the promotion is also on.” 

Bottom line is that eating healthy and exercising daily is critical, not only to your physical appearance but also to your health. And if you are now thinking where to go to get help with your diet then the Orange Walk’s Wellness Center is the place for you to visit. Who knows maybe you might even find your diet buddy.

If you would like to be a member of the Gym, you can contact Burgos at telephone number at 634-3792 or 6101064. In order to stay on diet the individual must also brush his or her teeth at the end of every meal. Having a fresh clean feel in your mouth will deter you from eating more food. Keeping a food journal can also be of assistance.