We flew into the international airport in Belize City and from there caught a little puddle-jumper prop plane to head south to our place.  With the exception of the last few shots, all were taken out the window of the little plane.  Most of the time the plane is flying at an altitude shared with vultures and frigate birds.
This is the Belize River flanked by thick jungle .

  Toward the middle of the photo you can see a little homestead at a sharp bend in the river.

The water at the bottom of the photo is Caribbean Ocean.  Inland are Quashi Lagoon and the large Southern Lagoon.  Behind the Southern Lagoon are the Peccary foothills and then the Maya Mountains.

The coastal village we are approaching is Dangriga.  You can see the Maya Mountains in the background.

Notice the reflection of the pilot in the window.  That straight tan line perpendicular to the coast is the airstrip we are banking to land on as one of 2 stops along our way.

Back in the air after Dangriga, we can see the Sittee River with citrus groves and banana plantations on either side. 

Now we are on the ground, well, actually on the water in our boat.  to our right is the airstrip.  If you look really, really carefully, you will see a little speck in the air.

The speck is bigger...

bigger ...

and about to touchdown on the airstrip.

This is the same size plane we flew in on, although it ours Maya Island Air.