CHAT & CHILL, beach bar and grill on Caye Caulker opens.


My youngest daughter TINA AUXILLOU has her latest, NEW entrepreurial venture open for the winter high tourist season, 2012.

The trouble with tourism, you cannot live off it alone in Belize. There are three short tourist high seasons and in TOTAL, they only bring cash flow for 13 weeks out of the 52 week a year. You have to have something else to earn money. Or several things. Tourism ALONE, does not pay. In fact, you are successful, if you can save enough money to pay the maintainance bills, utilities and other things throughout the year, when tourism is dead. Mostly though, you are broke, UNLESS you have some other source of income cash flow. Other than that, it is a nice location and a nice life. All you really need on a tropical barrier reef island, is food and a place to sleep at night. Even so, some people sleep under the coconut trees and on boats. You can subsist with a little rice, coconuts and fish from the sea. Perhaps not the most fancy lifestyle in the world, but you would be amazed at the millions of people in cold temperate zone cities, that pay good money to come and do it for a while.

I wish my wonderful daughter Tina much success with this new venture.

Ray Auxillou, Western Belize Happenings