When I originally made reservations to stay in Chaa Creek, I chose to stay at Macal River Camp for our whole stay. Knowing my kids, they would absolutely love camping and roughing it (to some degree). However, after a lot of communication with Lorenzo from Chaa Creek, we decided to spend half our time at the main eco lodge and the other half camping.

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The main reason why, and it’s not easy to understand this from the main website, but it’s literally as though you are staying at two totally different lodges, giving you completely different experiences. And since I’m all for variety, I jumped on that band wagon immediately.

After staying at the eco lodge, with all amenities at your fingertips such as light, indoor plumbing and internet, the Macal River Camp was on the opposite spectrum. Even though it’s on the same property, we had to drive to the other end and then get picked up by the manager who has been working with the camping site for over 15 years.

Docio, picked us up in a 4×4 to drive us to the actual camping site which was unbelievable! I’m not a huge camper, but have done enough of it. This was probably the coolest one of all. First of all, no tent is necessary the large wooden cabins on stilts with tarps for roofs were ready for my whole family. We had 4 cozy beds which were not only great for sleeping but also jumping around, as my kids experimented with the second we stepped foot inside.

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Our porch had a hammock and overlooked Macal River.

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We were traveling during the off season and only two other cabins were occupied so my kids had the run of the place and they loved it!

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The package that the campsite included was breakfast and dinner, unlike the main lodge only had breakfast included. For the most part of the afternoon, we explored the grounds but mainly hung out with the manager and his family, who also work here, in the kitchen watching them prepare dinner and enjoying the tasty Belkin beer of Belize!

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What to do with kids while Camping:

Night Time

Once the sun sets, there is very little to do except:

Eat – and what a meal it was! Huge and hearty

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Chill at the campfire

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Morning Time

Waking up at the crack of dawn we had plenty of time to:

Eat again – a huge breakfast

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Go on a hike to Macal River

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My Take On It:

If you have the time to experience both of the options at Chaa Creek, I would sooooo recommend spending some time in each. They offer such a different and unique experience that you won’t even think you’re staying in the same place and get to enjoy this part of Belize to the fullest.

We loved camping and we loved the lodge. I can’t compare them. But can say that we had the same feeling for both places.