Municipal elections is just shy of two months away and the major political parties along with third parties and independent candidates across the country have been mobilizing their resources as they prepare for their fate at the polls come March 7th . Leader of the People National Party (PNP) Wil Maheia was in the City of Belmopan yesterday showing his support for the launch of VIP's Belmopan slate. Plusnews spoke with Maheia about his party's preparation for the upcoming elections which is headquartered in the south.

Wil Maheia, Leader of People's National Party
We have a dedicated group of young men running for councilors and the Mayor "Big Mac" Mackenzie under the PNP banner for Punta Gorda Town. These youths are active in the community; we have people who are basketball stars and football stars who are stepping up to the plate, because the infrastructure they have been playing in for the past twenty years have deteriorated so much that they cannot see themselves playing there anymore. So they want to do something, because the PUP and the UDP have not done anything, and so they have decided to get involved themselves so that we can bring some changes.
the party was founded back in February of 2007.

We asked Maheia about the party's progress and transformations since then.

Wil Maheia
I would like the people to be the judge of that, but when the people begin to judge that question, they can look at our reputation and see that we are consistent. Since the last general election, we continue to progress; we highlight the injustices that is taking place to our voters and it's not only around election time that you hear from PNP, you hear from PNP throughout the year. We hold our summer camps every year where we work with the youth and try and empower them, because they are the foundation of this nation. So we have to make sure that we build a solid foundation and no one can say that only during election time do we have a summer camp. We have our summer camps year in and year out. We go to the borders and keep an eye out on the borders, we advocate for investors, even though we are not in government, to come and invest their money is Punta Gorda and in the Toledo District and that's what we will continue to do. We know that we could create close to three hundred to five hundred jobs if we are elected.

At the last general elections held in 2008; the PNP joined efforts with Vision Inspired by the People and Independent candidates across the country in contesting that election. Though none were successfully elected, the groups continued to collaborate over the years . Plus news asked the PNP party leader about what that relationship has now transitioned into.

Wil Maheia
I am very pleased and compared to the last election, we are very organized and smarter and we are pleased with the unity that we have now with the VIP and other independent candidates and that's why it is a pleasure for me to be here this morning, endorsing the VIP candidates, because they were in Punta Gorda endorsing the PNP candidates and also working with the independent candidates, as I saw Rufus Eck here this morning. This shows that if we work together, the VIP, the PNP and the independent candidates, we could have a unity and force a change in government where the independent groups, the VIP and the PNP can take over and make the best government.