Hi All,

Just when we all thought it was behind us. Just wanted to inform everyone that they are filming as we speak in Costa Rica &
even though its good for business i'm scared of the perception people will have..just as they had with Belize. I'd love a penny for every time I got a call from someone wanting to go to "Temptaion Island". Ugh. Funny part is that they aren't even filming on an Island, but on a peninsula...i guess they need to call is Temptation Peninsula. Anyway, my question...i just work for a tour company & i just know how crazy busy things got around here after the airing. You all know more than me, you see any differences pre/post Temptation?? Quality/Quantity of tourists??


p.s. I'll be down there over Labor Day, 1st time since before storm hit...can't wait to see everyone!!