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Melonie Gillett - one of Belize's most talented musical artists - stopped by our studios today to release her newest music video on national television.

It is called "Cuts Like a Knife" and was directed by Ben Hudson -a Belizean music director living in Cayman Island. Gillett told us the video was shot in October of last year at a Blackberry orchard in Boom and only took the team one day to shoot. That's unlike her last video which was shot at exotic locations all over the country - but we're happy to report, it maintains the high standard of that last production.

She told Monica Bodden about it:..

Melonie Gillett
"I'm here to release my new music video, my most recent music video on national television because its already on the internet. It was officially released on Angela Gegg's OMG and so now I am here to officially release it on the news with you guys, of course. The video is entitled "Cuts like a knife", and it's very deep. It expresses a completely different side of me. With "love Me" the first video which I did with Tony Rath, and I had a narrow team on that one, that was more of a major aspect like tourism, selling Belize's beauty, that sort of stuff. But this video, on the other hand, is more about heartbreak."

"I am sure that you or anybody can relate to that at some point in your life. So it pretty much portrays heartbreak, and the emotions are there, so it shows a completely [different] side of me."

Monica Bodden
"How long it took you to shoot the video?"

Melonie Gillett
"We actually shot the video in one day."

Monica Bodden
"Tell us a little bit about the scenes, the areas you guys did?"

Melonie Gillett
"There is a black berry orchard in there in Boom. We shot at that location mainly. It was a very gloomy day which kinda goes with the theme - heartbreak. It was a gloomy day, and the black berry orchard was perfect, and so we shot there. As well as there is a bedroom scene; we shot that right in Boom as well, and there weren't many different locations. There were house scenes, bedroom scenes, and the black berry orchard."

"It wasn't many scenes which is why it could have been shot in one day, but it told the story still. Jamie Humes was the model and also the stylist and sub-director. He assisted with the entire video. The director is Ben Hudson, the producer is myself and Peter Hudson. So it was a small team, but we came together, and we brought the song to life. I think they did an amazing job."

"You can get album in Courts across Belize, Top Notch, Pink Boutique, and well, as many places coming very soon. Also Ron G, you can get in there. You can contact me on Facebook or visit my website meloniegillett.com. We are still working on that site, but i have it there for you to go and see."

"Let me know what you think. Like I said, there is Facebook, Youtube - it has all my videos. Just Google Melonie Gillett and you will find whatever you want to know about me and my career. Thank you so much to my fans."

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