Candidates in running for upcoming municipal and general elections were formally presented by both major political parties over the weekend in Dangriga.

Harry Arzu reporting´┐Ż
"The People's United Party and the United Democratic Party officially introduced their standard bearers, mayoral and councilor candidates to the residents of Dangriga and by extension to the residents of the surrounding villages of the Stann Creek District over the weekend. The People's United Party held their event on Friday 13th with a citizens' parade that began from Drums of my Father Monument Park. It had the participation of PUP leader Francis Fonseca, former leaders Johnny Briceno and Said Musa, including standard bearers Ivan Ramos, Robert Ferguson, Mayoral candidate Major Gilbert Swazo and councilor candidates and a large number of party supporters. The parade which was accompanied by Garifuna drummers and singers took to the main streets of Dangriga and ended at the Central Plaza where a massive rally was held and included introduction of the candidates, a series of inspirational speeches by the Party's officials. Party leader Francis Fonseca as he addressed the large gathering despite the rains said the People's United Party is the party of hope for all Belizeans. He said that his party has great plans to bring back economic development, prosperity and will improve the quality of life for all Belizeans. On the other the united Democratic Party took the streets in a motorcade fashion yesterday and ended at the BTL Princess Royal Park where the incumbent Arthur Roches and Mayor Aaron Gongora and candidates met with supporters. They also addressed the gathering by reminding them that they are getting the job done."