I am a little late posting about it, but the vacation in Belize came to an end :(

I am sad that the vacation with my family is over, but I feel that I’m rested and ready to get back to reality! I’ve definitely recharged myself in Belize! That’s what vacations are for, right? :D

As mentioned in my previous posts about lobsters and seafoods in Belize, the seafoods here are one of the freshest. So the last night here, we decided to end it with the seafood extravaganza!

BBQ-ing the seafoods right in front of the restaurant.. :P You can see me and my sister ordering our dinner in the back :)

My dad and my older sister is a vegetarian so they had a vegetarian kebab :)

Lobster combo dish under the purple lights in the restaurant..

It was a fun last night.. Although I had to get up and walk with baby Leila couple of times since it was her bed time and she was fussy.. But that’s life with a baby.. plus there were family members willing to help which was great! :D

Wonderful lunch we had on the street/beach. Red Snapper with Rice and some pickled vegetables

I definitely got my seafood fix during this trip! Now that I’m back home and school has started, it feels like it was already ages ago that we were there in Caye Caulker, Belize.

Being back in Long Beach California, I realize more than ever that things are so fast pace! It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy life style here, but I think the important thing is not to let everybody else’s lifestyle “get to you”. I try not to compare my lifestyle to others.

I’m ok not having a nice TV or not having 50 expensive outfits. In the end, what’s important is the experiences you have, and HOW you experience the things that come your way throughout your life.. well and great food of course :P