He is a poet that perhaps may not be well known, but he has made it to the big screen. Gildon Rowland, the poet that rose from the streets, is moving ahead and his first CD/DVD combo is going on sale. It contains a collection of his poems on issues that are dear to him and carry a message for the youth. News Five's Jose Sanchez has the latest on Rowland.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

They say in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. But unlike the people referred to in that proverb, Gildon Rowland is creative and a dreamer. Recently this self-made artist became an actor as he transformed into the character Jaguar in the Sci-Fi Channel's Dragon Wasp.

Rowland has another name that he goes by and it is Mister Belizean. Mister Belizean is a poet. For years the Mister Belizean project has been in the works, now Rowland has finished the audio CD and DVD of his poems which are now available for sale.

Gildon Rowland, Poet

"We have a lot of issues affecting our youths and as a people we hardly have any role models that really di enlighten and empower-they basically lead by action and they don't have much communication. So what I am trying to do is open a way of communication that people need to get back to because that is basically what we don't have any more. People just prefer act certain way and nowadays due to the reason what we don't have the communication, we are not feeling what we're supposed to, and as a result we get negative actions."

Gildon Rowland

Jose Sanchez

"With your poetry; what's the name of your CD and why a poetry a poetry CD and DVD?"

Gildon Rowland

"Well the Belizeans know one of the poems on the CD, actually number five. I created that poem just sitting down and thinking about simple things that I remember back in the days. The DVD has the same words of the poems but it has different pictures showing-not the graphic violence but it shows what I am talking about. So it is basically a show and tell. It will bring it closer to home because it involves actual people that you can relate to from off the streets same way. "Mama's Lee Boy" was done from back in 2008. That poem has a story to it and at the end it has an advice to the youth."

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

To purchase copies of the CDs and DVDs Rowland can be reached by calling 626-6230 or by emailing him at [email protected].

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