Residents of Xaibe are still waiting for a response from Government as it pertains to their request to discontinue the surveying of land located in the outskirts of the village. In the month of December a group of surveyors arrived at the village and began surveying approximately 175 parcels of land allegedly under the instructions of U.D.P Corozal North Standard Bearer Hugo Patt. The survey was being conducted without the knowledge or approval of Village Chairman Daniel Tzul.

Reports are that Patt plans to distribute the parcels of land to people who do not even live in the area in order to gain political mileage. And that is what has residents up in arms. In a letter addressed to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Honorable Gaspar Vega, Minister of Labour Honorable Gabriel Martinez, Ministry of Rural Development and Corozal North Area Representative Honorable Nemencio Acosta on December 29th, villagers gave Government 2 weeks to response to their demands. But according to Village Chairman Daniel Tzul, the two weeks are up and there has been no response from Government much less from Corozal North Area Representative Nemencio Acosta who seems to be lost in oblivion.

Screen_shot_2012-01-17_at_8.06.32_PMDaniel Tzul- Chairman Xaibe

"Me vinieron avisar las personas que viven cerca haya que siguen haciendo survey como tres o cuatro personas y me mencionaron que ya abrieron nuevas brechas y el siguiente paso es de poner los cement peggs y si hay rumores de que a fines de este mes ya deben de estar distribuyendo estos lotes."

According to Tzul, a meeting will be held at 9:00am on Sunday at the Community Centre where the people will decided what actions will be taken.

Daniel Tzul- Chairman Xaibe

"Esto que va a pasar es ilegal y solo cierta gente va a provechar no van hacer y desde luego que la gente que no les den el apoyo no van a participar y la gente no van a permitir eso ellos van hasta el final y yo estoy con ellos."

CTV3 News understands that Hugo Patt has formed a committee who will be in charge of distributing the parcels of land.