Elrington, in his usual style discussed a wide range of issues and he had his very colorful description of the current leadership.

Hubert Elrington, Attorney

"They go in and they look into the gutter and the street corners and bring the worst kind of people. Then you see some of them in front of Brads gambling from January to December, cursing all kinds of bad word, saying all kinds of worthless things in public. Those are the scums that they bring and put in Cabinet, the scum that you put in your National Assembly. Is that representative of Belize? Can they lead me? You think Finnegan can lead me? You think Martinez can lead me? You think some of those wretches and scallywags that I see in the P.U.P. can lead me? I am prepared to be led."

In response to Elrington’s comments, Minister Michael Finnegan told News Five today that in the past two elections he has done the best in respect of votes and that he has not lost any election. According to Finnegan, he doesn’t hold a gun on the people of Mesopotamia to vote for him. And in respect of Elrington, Finnegan responded in kind, saying that he is a legal and political failure.

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