For those who do not get the time to have recently visited Caye Caulker, the news that the art and craft stalls on the beach, beside Da Real Macaw, are looking better than ever.

It is the long term goal of the Village Council here in Caye Caulker to renovate and improve this area. To many it has been considered an eye sore as well as the sometimes hustler vibe did not do the location any favors. The Ministry of Tourism originally was to assist the Village Council with some money to help them in their endeavors but this has been put on hold. So for the past few months the Village Council has been seen encouraging those who have pride in their stall to invest into it and knocking down those stalls that remained empty and only gathered loiterers.

Thus as you can see from my pictures, this road - once not a particular scenic area - has now become one of the key attractions on the island. Albert's Art stall, carrying beautiful paintings from local artists around Belize is a wonderful sight - full of color. Not forgetting the charming Andres Hand-to-mouth food stall, serving quality Belizean food at a local price and of course the hand carvers, the fruit sellers and the list goes on!!

My pictures do not do this area justice ... you will just have to come back here soon to see it for yourself!!

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