I was in town yesterday for this first time in about a week and shocked by its transformation. The streets are festooned with political flags and banners, predominantly the UDP (the incumbent party in both the mayoral, area representation and national level). FESTOONED. You would think a ticker tape parade for returning war heroes was taking place tomorrow.

And, honestly, it feels a little garish...way too showy...a bit shameless. With residents practically begging for better roads in San Pedrito and DFC, asking for cleaner water (and so many other things) in San Mateo, with very high unemployment...I just don't know that the town should be diverting the taxpayers' money into the purchase of a hundred huge brand new flags and banners and having the town workers spend days putting them up. But hey...that's just my opinion.

My picture doesn't do it justice. They are everywhere. The other major party PUP has some signs and flags up but nowhere are many.

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