Good Morning all - I have a few questions and am asking advise in a couple of areas for our upcoming trip...
-we are renting a house about 1.5 miles north of the cut, will rent a golf cart and will do shopping when we get there - but may want to have a few things there when we arrive - who do you recommend for this type of provisioning? (beer, charcoal, soft drinks, eggs, bacon, bread - and the like)
-who do you recommend for golf cart rental we'd like it delivered to the house after we arrive if possible- we arrive on a friday 5-4 and depart 5-13 - want a good cart but also a good price.
-We want to do a half day reef fishing the day after we arrive to try to catch some fish to put in the fridge to cook at the house, and then use the guide again a few times during the week (tarpon fising and the like)- who do you recommend? We don't fly fish - live in the west Texas desert - so never learned. :-(
-is there a street map of San Pedro and north of the cut - to purchse or down load- that shows location of things like markets, restaurants, etc? Also, what food market do you recommend for the best overall selection of things - or will we need to go to several shops to get our provisions - (from cooking basics, charcoal, veggies and fruit, bread, beer etc.)

Appreciate everyones help and patience as I prepare for our trip as I will probaly need more advise and input along the way.

Wishing everyone a great day ---