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On Friday, January 20th, all 455 students at San Pedro High School will be going to the polls to choose the next student council to head the student body. It's an annual process but this year, it was done differently. As part of the CXC requirement of the Social Studies class, the students were asked to conduct the election of the student council by incorporating the elements of the election process in Belize. As such, on Thursday, January 19th, both teams, Youth United Party and Youth Action Party both went up for nomination to officially be considered as candidates in the student council election.

Running for President is Marie Bradley for the YUP and Kimberly Carillo for the YAP. YUP's Bradley was accompanied by team members Jair Vasquez who is running for Vice-President, Kleiner Ramirez for Treasurer and Ian Tzul for Secretary. YAP's Carillo's team consists of Seleni Perez who is running for vice-President, Miriam Rodriguez for Secretary and Christine Syme for Treasurer.

Nominations were held much like the official election process, with each team being accompanied by a group of supporters. The student body will get the opportunity to vote directly for a President, as well as three out of the six candidates to fill in the spots for Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Polls will open at 1:30PM, and there will be three polling boxes organized by alphabetical order.

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