Reddish Egret, White Morph

We biked out to Grand Belizean Estates for some birding this morning, then rode along the road north, still looking for bird life, until it became impassable just before Mata Chica. It was a very productive morning of birding. I got to see my first Lineated Woodpecker -- what a cool bird! Barry had seen several, as he often sneaks out on early-morning birding walks while I'm still snoozing. I also caught a fleeting glance of a Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture, but he was gone from his perch too quickly to get a photo. This afternoon was a busy one in the kitchen. I made a Belizean-style Sweet Potato Pone, very similar to a bread pudding, but with yams instead of bread (much healthier!) The yams had been freebies from Maria on two different trips to her fruit and vegetable stand, so it was high time to use them. The Pone was quite tasty.

Roseate Spoonbill

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