So. On Thursday we had the opportunity to go into Punta Gorda one final time. I bought a Twix bar which was amazing! But that doesn't even compare to the rest of my adventures there. We heard drumming, so we wanted to inquire. Sure enough, there were kids playing in the street. For a while, Kendra, Erika and I just stood watching them and taking photos. But secretly I wanted to go up and play with them. After about five minutes of looking creepy, I finally did it. I waltzed up to a kid and asked him if I could play with them. The rest is history. The above is the result. 

We also ran into Shadi, the little girl from two nights before that got me to buy her some cookies and then followed us around until we left. We found her frolicking through some flower bushes and planting markers (yes, the ones you color with). It was adorable.

Today we hopped on the bus for what seemed like an eternity. But hey, we finally made it into Ladyville and are just about to enjoy some pizza. I guess we'll see if it's yummy or not!

Thanks for tuning in! :)