, Belize's premier travel website has been the victim of a cyber attack that temporarily shut down the site completely. The DOS (Denial Of Service) attack targets a website by flooding their server with so many requests for service that the server crashes under the load. This attack started about two weeks ago and was countered and escalated until on Monday the calls for service took down a large portion of Viawest, the server company and went off line. is a major site with over 10,000 unique visitors everyday. Most hotels and many tourism businesses nationwide use as a substantial part of their advertising. Operated by Marty Casado, the website is also a leading world search engine for Maya history and maintains a huge database of ancient maps and historic texts including Maya codex as well as modern Belize history. The site contains about 60,000 pages devoted to Belize and our culture and represents probably the largest repository of Belize information anywhere. is a valuable news site with links to all major media houses and blogs countrywide. It is also know for its message board that is actually monitored to control the spirit of the debates and shutting down threads when they become abusive or personal in nature. Currently the site is up and running but still under some form of attack and the message board is not up at this time. To many an attack against is an attack against the entire tourism industry of Belize.

The Independent

NOTE: The website is now back up and fully functioning.