The University of Belize held its fourteenth commencement exercise on Saturday in Belmopan. Graduates received diplomas at the Associate, Bachelor, Certificate and Diploma levels. In total there were 405 graduates, 272 females and 133 males.

UB's President Dr. Cary Fraser urged the students to commit themselves to lifelong learning as did the guest speaker, BTL Executive Chairman and Channel 7's Managing Director Nestor Vasquez:..

Dr. Cary Fraser, UB's President
"For the graduates today, you are being recognized by the award of certificates but it is important for you to keep in mind that education is a lifelong mission. Intelligence and character are qualities that have to be nurtured over the course of our lives. Today you are about to enter a new phase of your lives. Keep intelligence, character, the ability to think constructively, and to focus intensively upon the future of the forefront of your lives."

Nestor Vasquez, Chairman BTL
"In your endeavors you will encounter difficult situations and some will even appear impossible to overcome. Don't be intimidated by adversity. Often times they only seem difficult or appear impossible."

"Believe in yourself and tell yourself 'if it is difficult I will do it immediately and if it is impossible it will only take me a little longer.' Indeed, that philosophy has fueled the engine of human progress throughout the history of the world."

"Success is not a sometimes thing. It is an all the time thing. You don't succeed once in a while and you don't do things right once in a while. You must aim at doing things right all the time."

"You will find that success becomes a habit. I can see the excitement in your faces. The world is out there waiting for you; go for it. Make you and me proud. Make your parents proud and make Belize this jewel of ours even more proud."

The theme for this year's Commencement Exercises at the University of Belize is entitled: "GET INVOLVED UB is for all of us." The Faculty with the greatest number of graduates was the Faculty of Education and Arts with a total of 191, followed by the Faculty of Management & Social Sciences with totaling 105.

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