An internal dispute at the Punta Gorda Town Council has led to the ejection of an incumbent Councillor as a candidate for re-election. Councillor Orlando Muschamp today confirmed to Love News that he was formally asked to stand down as a Councillor candidate in the March seventh Municipal Elections. The decision to remove Muschamp from the UDP municipal ticket in Punta Gorda, followed a weekend meeting with the party chairman Patrick Faber. This afternoon, the ousted Councillor candidate told Love FMís Patrick Jones that the proverbial straw that broke the camelís back was a text insult he received from Mayor Floyd Lino.

For his part, Mayor Floyd Lino says that while he may have insulted Muchamp, he does not believe that he owes him an apology and furthermore stated that it was within his purview, as team leader, to have Muschamp removed for insubordination.

Love News was unable to confirm who is the replacement candidate to take Muschampís place on the UDP slate for the Municipal Elections.