February 2, 2012

The Full Spectrum: From Black & White Bar to Wine De Vine
A friend of mine had some work to do yesterday down south, so I tagged along. We would grab lunch and a few beers on the way back. Sounds good to me...I always like checking out new areas and new places. We ended up on a strange tour...a mix of the lesser known places, the newer places, the shadier places and some of the nicest places. Confusing I know. Let me explain. We drove down a mile or two and I stopped at a relatively new condo community/hotel that I've never visited before...Hol Chan Reef Resort.

SP AIDS Commission Expense Report
In July 26, 2011 the San Pedro Aids Commission presented to the public a financial report which was from January 1 to June 31, 2011 which stated in details their expenditures which totaled to $7,383.46. The group is once more pleased to make public their most recent details on how they are spending its funds and distributing assistance to those in need.

GOB says NOT YET to Oil Find!!
The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment informs the general public that the information being circulated to the media houses by Treaty Energy Corporation relating to oil discovery in the San Juan #2 well in southern Belize is false and misleading.

NDACC Seeks Assistance from San Pedro Community
The National Drug Abuse Control Council, NDACC, has two officers responsible for Belize Rural South; namely, Ms. Kristina Romero, Drug Educator and Ms. Joyce Eliis, Outreach Caseworker. Although, they do not have an office on the island as yet, they are very much committed to helping the residents of San Pedro. During the past year, they have both visited the schools and assisted them in Drug Prevention Education as well as counseling when it was deemed necessary. However, their work doesn't end there; and they are now asking the San Pedro community to assist them in making this island as drug-free for our children as possible.

UK "Wild Productions Limited" Films for Animal Planet Europe in Belize
Earlier this month Cherie Chenot-Rose, Research Biologist and Owner of ACES/ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, was contacted by Jim Incledon, Creative Director and Cameraman for "Wild Productions Limited," about filming the ACES team in action for an international wildlife rescue, research and conservation series. Excited to share their crocodilian conservation efforts here in Belize, Cherie and Vince Rose, husband and ACES Croc Behaviour Expert, said of course! The series is titled "Wildlife SOS" and will air later this year on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet.

Ailing Hawksbill Turtle being treated in San Pedro
A 65.2lbs Hawksbill Sea Turtle is currently is the care of Marine Biologist, Kirah Forman at the San Pedro Hol Chan Office. On Wednesday, January 25th a little boy down in Hopkins caught the trapped Hawksbill Turtle (the most endangered sea turtle in the Caribbean and on the IUCN Red List (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) that was very weak and wasn't doing very well.

Northern Regional High School Football Competition Held
The Northern Regional Football Tournament was held on Saturday, January 28th at the People's Stadium in Orange Walk Town. A boat full of over sixty students, fans and teachers left the island on Friday afternoon around 4PM to brave the waters to what was certain to be a big victory for both male and female football teams. Arriving in Orange Walk a little after 8:30PM, the kids had just enough time to grab some food and head off to bed to get rest for the following day's games.

Samuel McCuller, a sixteen year old student of Belize City, is reported to have left home on Friday and up to when she made a report to the police on Monday ...

Where we went wrong, we have said that to the Belizean people, but we did many things right when we were in Government. I have said many times I am very ...

A few years ago the Belize Municipal Project came on stream to assist several municipalities across the country. Since then a number of workshops have been ...

A shooting incident in Belize City last night has left one man injured. The victim has been identified as thirty eight year old Manuel Urbina.

The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage wrote to the PM's office requesting that the Offshore Oil Exploration and Drilling Referendum be held on ...





Is the Mayan prophecy being exploited for profit?
As the end of the Mayan long count calendar approaches, countries such as Mexico, Guatemala and Belize have launched tourism campaigns aimed at promoting ...

Referendum Application Fails: 8k Signatures Not Legit!
The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage gathered eighteen thousand signatures, that's more than the 10% of the electorate required to trigger a referendum - in their case, on...

Armed Robberies In City/Businessman Robbed of 100K!
There was an armed robbery in Belize City this morning - fortunately no one was hurt. At 8:45 two men slipped behind the steel door at Payless Store on Administration Drive in the...

Bze Security Forces Kill Guatemalan: MFA Says He Was In Belize
There's been another flare-up along the western border with Guatemala, and this time it's proved deadly! And it happened only days after that country's Foreign Minister and Defense Chief...

Man Beaten By Police Gets Out Of Hospital/Into Custody
Last night we told you about a man who ended up in the emergency room at the KHMH after he claimed that he was beaten up badly by police officers. Well, this morning he got release...

Repeat Shoplifter Asks For Jail Time
Nelson Lockwood, a 42 year-old unemployed resident of Sand Hill Village, was found guilty of his second theft in two weeks, when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart today. ...

Munnings Says She Didn't Steal
On Monday night, we told you of Celia Munnings who was arraigned in the Magistrate's Court for allegedly stealing from a Hazel Lord, the wife of Justice Herbert Lord. As was mentioned i...

Man Knocked Down By Rosewood Truck Calls Out For Help
On January 8th, Punta Gorda Resident Antonio Edwards and his 3-year-old son were returning home from church when a flatbed pickup truck carrying Rosewood barreled around a corner and a...

Tyrell Hyde Gets Another Relative In Trouble
In August 2011, Glenn Tillett, a journalist and talk-show host, was charged along with his 20 year-old step-daughter for handling stolen goods after police raided his home and discovered...

Man Shot In City
A man was shot in Belize City last night. 38-year old Luisito Manuel Urbina was shot in the abdomen last night on Amara Avenue. The Hispanic construction worker was walking down Amar...

Belize's First Flying Turtle!
Ever heard of a flying turtle? Well, we saw one today; it flew in from Punta Gorda on a Tropic Air flight! The mature female hawksbill was found a few days ago in distress in the ...

Cancer Lecture In Belize
It's reported that the global burden of cancer is expected to increase because of aging and lifestyle practices that expose us to cancer causing agents. It is also known that 64% of all ca...

G. Smith Launches Price Biography In UK, Ashcroft Guest Speaker
For the past two days, we've been telling you about the Panorama investigative series in the United Kingdom which exposes Lord Michael Ashcroft's connection to Johnston International, a co...

PM leaves to join wife for medical treatment
Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Tuesday announced early general elections to coincide with the March seventh municipal elections. The campaign is now in full swing and all political parties are oiling their machineries. This Friday, parliament will be dissolved and according to section eighty-four, number six of the Constitution, the ministers will continue to function until [...]

Dr. Hoy 20/20 Vision on Caribbean Shores
The campaign season is in full bloom and the extended newscasts due to political adverts are no less entertaining if not informative propaganda. The fluid situation in Caribbean Shores has been engaging. Minister Carlos Perdomo stepped down after a convention and was replaced by Santino Castillo in the U.D.P. The People's United Party last week [...]

On the Campaign Trail in Patrick Faber's Collet
With both municipal and general elections set to go on March seventh, aspiring candidates are hitting the campaign trail. This afternoon News Five's Isani Cayetano caught up with Patrick Faber, the chairman of the U.D.P. and the Minister of Education and Youth. Faber hasn't lost in the past two election and he says he is [...]

Guatemala President wants investigation into fatal shooting
There is mounting tension tonight over the shooting death of a Guatemalan farmer that took place over the weekend. The situation bears watching because there is a new government in Guatemala headed by Otto Perez Molina, a retired military general. It is the first such incident under his presidency and Perez Molina wants a full [...]

PM's NO to 'Humble' Referendum Request
The Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage will not get the Referendum on Offshore Drilling on the same day of the General and Municipal Elections. The Prime Minister outlined the reasons at Tuesday's press conference saying the coalition had it wrong. And there’s more tonight because thousands of the signatures have been rejected. It's a [...]

Referendum rigor mortis; 8,000 signatures rejected
Moments ago, Coalition Coordinator, Tanya Williams contacted News Five to say that they have received devastating confirmation that Elections and Boundaries have rejected over eight thousand of the eighteen thousand signatures needed to trigger the referendum. The Coalition maintains that the signatures are legitimate and says it will not give up on its mission to [...]

More problems for man injured by Rosewood Truck
An accident on January eighth has left Anthony Edwards incapacitated. Edwards, his wife Justina and their children were walking home from church in Jacintoville, Toledo when a truck, carrying rosewood logs, came speeding around a curve. One of the logs hit Anthony, who had just crossed the street with their infant son. The child had [...]

�Injured child recovering
We asked Justina about the condition of her baby boy, who was also injured in the accident. And while Anthony was not in the best condition to speak, he told us how he is doing. Anthony Edwards, Accident Victim "Good up to now." Delahnie Bain "Any pain or anything?" Anthony Edwards "Well right now, no [...]

Accident victim readmitted. Who's to blame?
A primary school student has been re-admitted to the hospital following a traffic accident in Santa Elena, Cayo. The five year old was prematurely released from the K.H.M.H. and had to be rushed to another hospital when his condition worsened. That aside, the family of Damion Flowers says they are in need of assistance but [...]

New immigrants get new land
The recent mass naturalization of immigrants to meet the deadline for registration of new voters turned into a nationwide scandal, especially when it came to light that processing was being done in questionable locations. And while the mad rush is over, the concerns about the new Belizeans have not subsided. There are still lingering questions [...]

Shot on Amara Avenue, but still alive
A Waight Street man was injured on Tuesday night, in what appears to be a random shooting. Thirty-eight year old Luisito Urbina was walking on Amara Avenue when two men simply walked up and shot him. Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Police, Raphael Martinez gave News Five further details on the incident and [...]

Spitter jailed and mom cries down the Court
On Tuesday, police were executing a bench warrant for the arrest of Guany Zhao at his Lakeview Street home, but they also took his mother into custody after she tried to prevent police from taking her son. Zhao, who also put up resistance, kept the police out of his house for two hours with chains [...]

Chuc says his slate will become F.F.B. Executive
The Municipal and General Elections may have the attention of thirty-one constituencies, but there is another election that has the attention of the sporting community. The Football Federation of Belize, FIFA's agent in Belize, has given notice to its Members of the date for its upcoming Congress as March fifteenth. The Electoral Committee has been [...]

Voters say what's most important to them
About two weeks ago, Karim Berges commissioned an independent poll on the elections. An analysis of the numbers shows that there is a slight difference in support for the U.D.P. and P.U.P. this close to the elections date. While the polls registered a high percentage of undecided voters, the figures also showed that the electorate [...]

PUP Elects New Standard Bearer For Caribbean Shores Constituency
The Peoples United Party has elected Dr. David Hoy as their new Standard Bearer for the Caribbean Shores Constituency after Anthony Mahler stepped down due to personal reasons. Dr. Hoy is an outstanding member of the community and has served the Beliz...

Resident Of Trial Farm Says His Land Was Taken Away And Given To A UDP Supporter
And talking about land there is another person who is claiming that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Honorable Gaspar Vega took away his parcel of land and gave it to a U.D.P supporter. The victim is Vicente Chuc, a resident of ...

San Juan Residents Demand Compensation For Damaged Cane Fields
Back in November 2011, residents of San Juan were up in arms after learning that their parcels of land awarded to them by the Peoples United Party was being surveyed by a group of surveyors allegedly hired by the Minister of Natural Resources and the Envi...

Ministry Of Natural Resources Refutes Reports On Findings Of Black Gold
Yesterday media houses across the country announced the reportedly discovery of black goal in Southern Belize. The news that Treaty Energy Corporation struck oil in the San Juan #2 well located near Independence Village spread like wild fire. So did the c...

P.M. Says Yes To Elections On March 7th But No To Referendum On Offshore Drilling
Today during his press conference the Prime Minister also announced that the referendum on offshore drilling will in no way be held on March 7th. Honorable Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize "My examination of the law tells me that it can'...

PUP Leader Says Time For Change Is Here
And what does PUP Leader Honorable Francis Fonseca have to say about early elections? Immediately after Dean Barrow made his announcement, Fonseca, in a televised message made it known that the time for change has come. Francis Fonseca "The UDP ca...

Municipal And General Elections To Be Held On March 7th
The suspense is over. On Friday the Governor General will dissolve the National Assembly and Belizeans will go to the polls to elect a new Government on March 7th, the same day that they will elect a new Municipal Government. The news came around ...

Accused child molester on the run
Belmopan police are looking for a man accused of sexually molesting his 10 year old step daughter. A Guatemalan dom...

MOE investigates disturbing report in Succotz school
The Ministry of Education says that it is investigating a complaint made by a parent from the Village of Succotz. T...

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