February 3, 2012

Coconut Trees: Who Knew?
Did you ever wonder why some coconut palms look like this? And others like this? Well...despite the fact that the trees are a major part of the landscape on Ambergris Caye, they probably aren't native. And they are surprisingly susceptible to disease. A menacing illness called "Lethal Yellowing" has killed many of the coconut trees across the Caribbean and has been present in Belize for about 20 years. The bacteria spreads from tree to tree by tiny bugs and once your tree gets it...its life span is short. Very short.

Mayor Paz Highlights Accomplishments with Street Plaques
Have you noticed a few workers around town plastering cement blocks in the corner of streets and have asked yourself what is going on? Well don't question yourselves anymore, the answer is this: Mayor Elsa Paz is highlighting her accomplishments with street plaques.

Jerry Jeff Walker performs in San Pedro
Annually, renowned singer and songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker has been coming to Ambergris Caye since 1997. Each year "Camp Belize" draws hundreds of fans who are treated to different musical concerts while on the island. Many of the 300-plus fans include musicians that have travelled from all over the world, mostly from the US, to see him perform in the Caribbean setting.

30 Weddings in 30 Countries
Imagine taking a two-year trip around the world - what a great opportunity! Now imagine that in the two year span, you get married 30 different times, in 30 different countries. That's precisely what Alex Pelling and Lisa Marie Gant are doing. The nuptial junkies chose the southern district of Punta Gorda and with help from the Toledo Ecotourism Association they exchanged vows in a a traditional Maya wedding. For their photographs, they chose Conch Creative.

Valentine was remanded to Belize Central Prison while the minor was remanded to the youth hostel. The incident occurred around midday on Sunday, ...

Oceana-Belize submitted twenty thousand, one hundred and sixty signatures, ... Vice President of Oceana-Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd told Love News via ...

The mid-afternoon shooting incident that claimed the life of Faber's Road resident Mark Lewis happened just a stone's s throw away from Belize Healthcare ...

Thirty three year old tour guide Justin Lopez who allegedly bit police constable Alfonso Aban on his finger, was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared today in the number one Magistrate's Court. Lopez pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Forty one year old Steven Smith, a mason residing at the corner of Oleander and Tulip Streets, was sentenced to three years in prison and fined ten thousand dollars today in the number four Magistrate's Court after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

Immigration Builds a Nation!! - New Belizeans Thank Government for Support
They paraded with the Belizean flag and begged for the Prime Minister's autograph. ... She has been living in Belize for twenty-six years and has a ...

Prime Minister Announces Date of General Election
We have pushed infrastructure development in a way that has never been seen in Belize; and our roads and bridges network, especially in the South and North, ...

Guilty of drug trafficking
... the bus and found her in possession of 200 grams of marijuana in a kitbag she was carrying inside an Albion Bus heading from Orange Walk to Belize City.

Tyrell Hyde lands relative in court again
There is not a single legitimate investment in Belize that can yield more returns on the dollar than an investment made in Belize Telemedia Limited.

Men charged for bogus gun licenses
They are 31 year-old Alwin Gonzalez, a car dealer of Guadalupe Street, Belize City; 36 year-old Answorth Dawson, an ex-police officer who now works as a ...

Gas attendant accused of stealing from his workplace
There is not a single legitimate investment in Belize that can yield more returns on the dollar than an investment made in Belize Telemedia Limited.

Police officer charged with extortion
He says that at around 10:30 last Thursday, he was being towed in a silver Toyota Tercel from Belize to Lords Bank. Tate told police that when he arrived at ...

Who borrowed most
Then you have them going around asking the Belizean people to vote for them? ... Once bitten twice shy� they took the people of Belize for a 10-year ride ...

Where 7 News is Failing
In Belize, there are some media houses that are always pro-government. They are gentle in their reporting of government issues. There are media houses that ...

Buggers Need to Worry About Those Not Making Noise - UNIBAM Case ...
On Monday, January 30, UNIBAM's case against the Government of Belize was heard before Justice Michelle Arana in the Belize Supreme Court UNIBAM wants ...

Guinea Grass Leads Election Charge!!!
On Sunday, January 29, Prime Minister Barrow told residents of Orange Walk South, "The elections will be called soon, very soon."...

Double Up - Two elections in one
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow held a press conference on Tuesday January 31st in which he announced that the elections, both the Municipal and the General will be held on ...

Police officer charged with extortion
A police officer, attached to the Ladyville formation, is currently facing criminal charges after he extorted money from a man. That officer is police constable #1124, Amir ...

Education vs. Telemedia for interoffice softball championship
The 10th Annual Belize City Interoffice Softball Competition will come to an end on Friday February 3, 2012 at Rogers Stadium with the championship game between Education the number one seed and Telemedia the number four ...

The Wrong Side of History
Over the ages, we may not have progressed far towards perfection as individuals but gradually, in fits and starts, our societies have moved towards a respect for human rights that acknowledges the value of each individual. We may not have found the perfect governance model but we can all agree that imperfect democracy is superior to dictatorship, even benign dictatorship.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister Visits Belize To "Protest" Shooting Of Guat Citizen
This afternoon a man was shot six times in board daylight in front of Belize Healthcare partners in Belize City. It is a stunning crime - particularly so for the residential neighborhood it...

Coalition Referendum, Verdict: DOA
Last night we broke the news that that the referendum triggered by the coalition to save our natural heritage was DOA, dead on arrival. Dead because the elections and boundaries office fou...

Man Executed On City's Northside
Today a man was executed with ruthless and brazen efficiency on the north side of Belize City. It happened in front of Belize Healthcare Partners Limited which is at the entrance to...

Justo Lopez Charged
For the past two nights, 7News has been following the story of Justo Lopez, a 33 year-old tour guide of Peter Ashdown Street in Belama Phase 2. On Tuesday, we spoke to him from his hospita...

Charged For Jacking Chawla of 100K in Cash And Checques
Last night, we reported on the robbery of businessman Vinod Chawla which netted the assailants over $100,000. Three men ambushed Chawla at his Amara Avenue home on Sunday afternoon and robbe...

Independents Unite! The Belize Unity Alliance
Every night on this newscast you can see the mass parties jostling for political standing with their fancy, forceful sometimes funny political ads. But you won't see the independent candida...

Three Years in Jail for Drug Trafficker
Today in Magistrate's Court, a man received a stiff sentence after he pleaded guilty to the charge of drug trafficking. 41 year-old Steven Smith, a mason living in the Saint Martins area, ...

Fire at Albert Street Fast Food Joint
There was a fire last night - at a popular fast food joint on Albert Street. Firefighters were called out to the location at around 9:30 last night where they saw Andrea's Fast food stall ...

Different Abilities, A Different Kind Of Art
Today, a photo-voice exhibit was launched at the Institute of Mexico. It's different because it shares the perspectives of people with diverse abilities. "Picture This: Our Diverse R...

Justice Lord Never Meddled
Last night you heard from CELIA Munnings - the woman accused of theft from Hazel Lord - who says the position of Lord's Husband, Justice Herbert Lord influenced her being charged. Additio...

Murdered in front of Healthcare Partners
There was a fatal shooting this afternoon in the city and it's another tragedy for the Lewis family of Fabers Road. They are still mourning the loss of eight-year-old Marquis Mahler who was gunned down in the family yard last year. This afternoon, thirty eight year old Mark 'Power' Lewis was murdered. Lewis was a [...]

High Level Meeting on Shooting of Guatemalan
A Guatemalan national was killed on Saturday along the western border in the Chiquibul. The foreign Minister of Guatemala, Harold Caballeros and his vice minister flew into Belize today to protest the fatality. It's Caballeros first visit to Belize since the change of government in Guatemala last month. Caballeros met the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington [...]

Guatemalan Minister speaks on other incidents
The Guatemalan Minister also raised a red flag that there have been other incidents in the past which were not triggered by Guatemalans. And while investigations are ongoing, early reports say that the B.D.F. fired the shots that took the life of the Guatemalan farmer. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington "It doesn't matter whether you are legitimate [...]

Defence Minister speaks on other incidents
There was another meeting that took place this morning involving Defence Minister Carlos Perdomo and B.D.F. Commandant Dario Tapia. Perdomo established that there were four patrols. According to Perdomo, the shooting of Chuc took place well within Belizean territory and was in self defense. Carlos Perdomo, Minister of Defence "The investigation is showing that the [...]

Both Foreign Ministers say that Belize/Guatemala issue to head to ICJ
The two Foreign Ministers also addressed the issue of the Belize/Guatemala claim. Both concurred that the matter will be heading to the International Court of Justice. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington "Both our governments, whether it's P.U.P. or U.D.P., both are committed to go to the ICJ and both are committed to educating and inform our people [...]

Chief Elections Officer explains why $8,000 signatures rejected
The referendum on oil exploration has been rejected. It's a major setback for the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage that collected a total of twenty thousand, one hundred and sixteen signatures to trigger a referendum on oil exploration, both offshore and in protected areas. The Coalition received the bad news on Wednesday when [...]

Untrained public officers examined signatures
Fourteen public officers, who had not training on calligraphy, were commissioned to scrutinize the petition list of twenty thousand signatures over a period of two months. Tamai says that in some cases the election officers gave participants the benefit of the doubt based on the similarities in handwriting. At today's press conference, Elections Officer Francisco [...]

Oceana Belize not giving up on referendum
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage intended to hold the referendum on the same day of the general and municipal elections on March seventh. And according to one coalition member, government ministers have already taken to the airwaves to shoot down the initiative. But the coalition will not give up on its movement [...]

Lavish spending to seduce the electorate
In other news, leading up to the Christmas, the government undertook what it calls the Constituency Assistance program. U.D.P. area representatives and standard bearers were able to access forty thousand dollar each for the ham and turkey bonanza. Well, with the general elections and municipal elections just five weeks away there is more lavish spending [...]

"George Price: A Life Revealed" in London
In London this past Tuesday, attorney and author Godfrey Smith launched the book George Price: A life revealed. The event was organized by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the Institute for the Study of the Americas. A wide cross section of personalities including Belizeans living in the United Kingdom attended the launch, which was [...]

John Brice�o object to 100s of registrations
Before the announcement of the date for general elections, there was a rush to naturalize thousands of immigrants and register them to vote. One U.D.P. Minister even admitted to paying the registration fees for those in his constituency. But there have been reports of fraudulent addresses and bribery. This morning in Orange Walk, Area Representative [...]

Residents challenge their name removed from voter's list
Meanwhile in Belize City, eleven Port Loyola residents are challenging the removal of their names from the voters list. The matter came up before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith this morning and the disgruntled residents were represented by Attorney Darrell Bradley, who filed an appeal. At least six senior officers represented the Elections and Boundaries [...]

Andrea's Fast Food gutted in fire
A popular food vendor on Albert Street lost everything on Wednesday night when a fire swept through her business. The owner of Andrea's Fast Food has been operating out of Albert Street for more than a decade and was a favorite lunch place for students and employees in the downtown area. Hours after Roxana Nunez [...]

Extra house Store owner robbed of $100,000
A Belize City businessman of Extra House Store was robbed on Sunday of over one hundred thousand dollars in cash and today two persons, including a minor, were arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Lloyd Valentine was charged along with a sixteen year old for Robbery with a Firearm. Bail was automatically denied since the [...]

On the campaign trail in Carolyn's Collet
In Wednesday's newscast we interviewed Collet area representative Patrick Faber as part of our campaign trail series leading up to the March seventh General Elections. In the interest of objectivity, we also interviewed his opponent, P.U.P. standard bearer Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, who responded to allegations made against her concerning the issuance of false land titles during [...]

Independents and 3rd parties go national
If you don't want to go red or blue on Election Day, third parties and independent candidates are making their way onto the ballot slip for March Seventh. The Vision Inspired by the People, the People's National Party and several independent candidates held a joint press conference at the Chateau Caribbean this morning to announce [...]

Exhibition by People with Diverse Abilities
Ten percent of Belize's population are persons with diverse abilities and they want you to picture their reality. In a photo exhibition launched this morning at the Institute of Mexico, differently abled persons answered three important questions, How accessible is Belize is to me? How can I share my talents with you? And should my [...]

Ambassador comments on buses crossing border
This morning, Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Mario Velasquez, hosted the media at a breakfast at the Institute of Mexico. After he engaged the journalists in a discussion about current events, including elections and the UNIBAM case, Velasquez fielded questions from the media. We asked him for an update on the issue of Belizean buses [...]

Healthy Living says stand up and stretch
Chances are you may be sitting and watching this newscast and if you've been locked in for the past hour, then here's some very important medical advice: you need to stand up and stretch. You'll find out more about how prolonged sitting takes its toll on your body in this week's Healthy Living. Marleni Cuellar, [...]

Third parties and independent candidates form alliance
With double elections less than five weeks away, the political race is on at full speed. Political ads have increas...

PUP area rep hopefuls share vision for their constituencies
The campaign trail is on and Peoples United Party Representatives for Cayo South and Belmopan Constituencies; Juliu...

Reality Youth holding concert at The Bliss
Belizean dancehall gospel artist Realty Youth is getting ready for another of his blazing gospel concert as he call...

Man fatally shot in broad day light
A Belize City man was gunned down this afternoon in Belize City. 37 year old Mark Lewis was reportedly shot as many...

Allege victim of police brutality charged with attempted murder
Police say they have formally arrested and charged Justo Lopez with attempted murder of PC White. Lopez appeared on...

Mother and son arrested in connection to home burglary
Earlier this week we reported that Belmopan Police are investigating a case of burglary. 49yr old Kent Herrera, an ...

Port Loyola voters challenging ejection from voter's list
Eleven Port Loyola Voters are challenging the removal of their names from the voter's list. Darrell Bradley, the re...

Owner of RC Imports robbed at gunpoint
A Belizean businessman and Owner of RC Imports and Xtra House located on Cemetery Road in Belize City, was robbed a...

The Mexican Embassy presents: "Picture This: Our Diverse Reality"
The Mexican Embassy hosted the opening of the exhibition "Picture This: Our Diverse Reality", today; which shares t......

Willy Cruz's Case File Still Being Reviewed By The DPP
On December 23, a sixteen year old minor from the Corozal district accused U.D.P Town Councilor Willie Cruz of having sexual intercourse with her against her will. After the report was made the Corozal Police Department launched an investigation and later sent the case file to the Department of Public Prosecutions for advice.

O/W Central Area Rep. Speaks On Early Elections
As we mentioned last night political pundits are already saying that Barrows decision to call early elections may have been influenced by the fact that the PM could not afford an embarrassment should his party lose major ground in the March 7th Municipal Elections. While there are many speculations as to why the Prime Minister called early elections, because it's definitely not to save tax payers

Mr. Quitar Does It Again Another Family Loses Their Land Under The Barrow Administration
Yesterday you heard about Vicente Chuc, a resident of Trail Farm who told P.U.P Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Jorge Briceno that his land is being taken away by the government. Seventy year old Vicente Chuc, who is a born Belizean, claims that he has being paying for his parcel of land located in the Area of Black Water Creek since 1977 and now it is being taken away. Here is what Chuc told us today.

Vega's Political Gimmicks Will Get Him Nowhere Says P.U.P O/W North Standard Bearer
The days leading up to both Municipal and General Elections will without a doubt be interesting ones. Both major parties have oiled their political machineries and from the looks of it the campaign towards elections is in full swing. In the Orange Walk North constituency, represented by the Honorable Gaspar Vega, last minute works are presently being done in efforts to gain political mileage. But according to Orange Walk North PUP Standard Bearer Jorge Brice�o, Vega's bag of tricks won't work.

PUP Town Council Slate Holds Meeting At Pasadita Area
For the past weeks the Orange Walk PUP Town Council slate has been holding neighborhood meetings throughout the town. The idea is to hear the concerns of residents and at the same time the team shares the plans they have in order to bring development to the community. Last night the neighborhood meeting was held in the Pasadita Area where numerous issues where discussed and

Campaign Towards Double Elections Set For March 7th In Full Swing
n his press conference yesterday where he announced that Municipal and General Elections will be held on March 7th, the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Oliver Barrow fielded a number of questions from the media. Apart from being questioned about the reasons behind the calling of early elections, which he stated was to save tax payers money

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