Every night on this newscast you can see the mass parties jostling for political standing with their fancy, forceful sometimes funny political ads. But you won't see the independent candidates caught up in that gallop. That's because they want to establish that for them, governance and politics is not business as usual.

Those independents have now formally come under one umbrella called the Belize Unity Alliance or the BUA. They come from the VIP, the PNP and the ranks of non- aligned candidates. Presently they number only nine, just barely enough to make up half of a coalition government - but they say they are gaining mass and moving fast.

Today, in a quick caucus meeting before a press conference, the candidates elected their new leader. It came down to a four-four tie between the VIP representative and the PNP leader - and from that, the VIP's Bobby Lopez became the first party leader to be selected by the flip of a coin. He explained it to the press:..

Bobby Lopez, Leader, Belize Unity Alliance
"During that caucus we also had very democratic, elections for leader and deputy leader, myself and Wil were nominated, we then held elections by secret ballet, it emerged as 4/4, we then held the spin of the coin and yours truly emerge as the leader and Wil as the deputy."

"In a humbled to move forward with this group and very serious without any reservations that the first task is to clean up corruption."

Wil Maheia, Deputy Leader, Belize Unity Alliance
"And I want to say what an historic day this is for the country of Belize. I don't think ever since this country was born did you have a group of independent minded people gathered at one table putting up their self for the parliamentary position. So I want to start off by congratulation my colleagues here, and declaring that the war is on. And with you the people of Belize, you can help us to win this war."

"We can put an end to corruption, together we could fight the two party system, we could show this country that Belizeans have had enough and if you Belizeans have had enough, enough is enough. You can go to the pole and you can exercise your right to vote."

Roberto Campos, Belize Unity Alliance
"My greatest passion has always been to represent and serve my people."

Marcel Bedran, Belize Unity Alliance
"It has taken myself and my family almost one year to make this decision and I am going quite frank and honest with you all, and I hold no apologies to when I saw that we don't have representation in Cayo north. And hence the reason, I offer myself. I offer myself so that you the Belizean public may have the freedom to vote, willingly, conscientiously, education wise we need to upgrade to look and start a fresh start."

Fred Hunter, Belize Unity Alliance
"Here is a time to make a change, to break up the two party system which divided our country right down the middle, family against family. Village against village, victimization from who's in and who's out, "All of us, all a we da one" all of us are Belizeans."

Rufus X, Belize Unity Alliance
"I am telling you, red and blue are strong obeah, you don't believe in obeah, believe me brother, sister, they are strong obeah because to have an intelligent man or an intelligent woman walking out there and put an X at the red or an X at the blue."

"What you are saying, your voting against yourself, My parting and my popular radio and television was when the Politician comes to you, look them squarely in the face and ask them, Mrs. Politician if my little vote can do so much for you; buy you the best SUV buy all the gasoline, send your children to fine university have you living in mansion. Going for holiday anywhere in the world you please, what will my little vote do for me this time?"

Charles Leslie, Belize Unity Alliance
"I decided that I will come here today and the People of Stann Creek West know that I will run on their behalf, I am not running against anyone, I am running for the people."

Dionicio Choc, Belize Unity Alliance
"This third party, if I am the elected as an area representative for the people, I think we can do much better than what has been happening today. Toledo West is without any representation because we can't see the minister around there; Toledo has been neglected for many, many years."

Not pictured is Richard Smith - who will be the Unity Alliance's candidate in Belmopan.

And when asked about the fact that it takes 16 people to form a government - and they only have nine - the party leader says he is inviting Belizeans - especially women to come forward as candidates before nomination day - which is in two weeks' time.

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