Flora and Fauna of Caracol

We visited Caracol in Belize today. Here are some of the beautiful and interesting plants we saw. I’ll post more about the Mayan ruins another time.

Note: Resolution on all of these photos has been lowered for easier uploading. Higher resolution photos will be posted to my Flickr account (alaskagirlatheart) at a later date.

Ceiba Tree Root

Air Fern


Banana Pod

When it falls off the bananas are ready to be picked.

Gumbolimbo (Tourist Tree)

Nickname is because it’s red and peeling.

Water Reservoir

Used during the Mayan times and even though all the drainage ditches to it are now blocked it still stays full.

Fishtail Palm

The Guatemalian bandits come across the boarder to steal these. They can sell them for $5usd per leaf. In addition to being used in floral arrangements, our guide also told us they are being used in US currency (I have not confirmed this).

Wild Okra