Peepers. Peepers are a pesky pet peeked peeve of mine. I have lived in Europe, Japan, all over the US of A, and traveled many other spots. But I have never seen peepers like here in Belize. Iím not talking about peeps that are watching out to be sure no bad peeps are in the area. Iím not talking about peeps that ďgot your back.Ē And Iím not talking about the criminals that are observing and casing. Iím talking about butthead peepers.

I have seen two classes of neighborhood peepers that Iím talking about. Some that hide behind a window or stand still underneath a tree and think they are invisible. And a few that will stand right out in the open and stare like a cow. Most of these peepers Iím talking about are not out to rob, but I guarantee they are more than willing to try and ďget yaĒ if they can.

Dr Walkabout Buzzard