Editorial by the San Pedro Sun:

When considering the candidates who are running for office in San Pedro, we can look at each and every one of them and ask, "What expertises do they have that can serve our community the best, are they successful in what they do, how they live and how their community regards them?"

In San Pedro it is easy to know who is doing good and who is doing bad. In San Pedro it is easy to see which candidates stick out as solid, trusty worthy citizens who are committed to their community and which ones are not. If the first time you are hearing of these candidates is when they are asking for your vote, doesn't that say something about their community involvement? Have they been out there working with community projects, organizing fund raisers for those in need or donating their time or resources to the betterment of our town in any way?

In our small town of San Pedro we can avoid electing those who may have hidden agendas. In San Pedro we can avoid electing those that have nothing to offer us but promises. Why vote for the ones who raise questions and have no track record to support their so called commitment? We DO have deserving candidates who stand out as community leaders and they are the ones we can depend on to have our best interest at heart. Why even consider voting for the ones you may not trust?

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