February 6, 2012

San Pedro Airstrip Targeted by Thieves
The John Grief II Airport in San Pedro Town has been vandalized by thieves. According to the Belize Airport Authority, a little over 1,200 feet of electrical cable was unearthed from the runway lights and stolen by thieves. It is uncertain when the incident occurred but was noticed on January 16th. The BAA explained that immediately upon learning of the incident, technicians were dispatched to San Pedro Town to evaluate the incident and conducted repairs on the damaged wires.

Belize Launches Millennium Development Goals Scorecard and Outlook Report
Today at the Central Campus of the University of Belize in the nation's capital, the "Belize Scorecard and Outlook Report 2010", in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was released, revealing that Belize has made significant progress in the last years towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) particularly those related to improving maternal health, reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS and ensuring access to clean water.

Town Council Erecting Monuments in Town
According to a source at the town council, the SPTC is paying for the materials and labor (labor is at $975 so far) for the erection of 19 monuments. The approximate cost for each monument is estimated at $150 and each marble tile was bought for at a price of $60 each. If you do the math this puts the project cost at more than $5,000. Many residents are asking if the construction of the monuments is a priority for the SPTC, especially when the recent Mayor's budget report states that the council is operating at a deficit of over $300,000.

Our first trip to Placencia - in search of the Scarlet Macaws (day 3)
Our cell phone alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am so that we could hit the road around 5 o'clock for the drive to Red Bank to see (hopefully) the Scarlet Macaws. We normally shower at night, so all we had to do was dress, hit the "on" switch on the in-room coffeemaker, quickly drink a cuppa with an oatmeal bar, brush teeth, and gather up our gear. We made it out the door at 5:09, a little behind schedule, but it turned out to be fine as we made great time getting to Red Bank, since there was almost no traffic (and more bikes than cars and trucks) on the drive.

Saving Long Caye from Coconut Disease in the 90's
When my partner Cully Erdman and I were just getting started running Slickrock Adventures in Belize, we never dreamed the stuff we would eventually have to learn. Sure we knew how to kayak, and fix great meals, and we were learning the names of all of the fish. But the diversity of subjects required to create and operate a resort in Belize on a tiny remote island boggles the mind. And one of the strangest skills we have had to master is dealing with the coconut tree disease.

Living In Belize And How To Find Great Beer
Belize is well-known for a reasonably O.K. beer - Belikin. Only two problems. Some people do not like it. And worse, Belikin is a monopoly business - there is no other brewery in Belize. And trying to set up a micro brewery will give the entrepreneur so many government hoops and stonewalling to contend with, all efforts in this direction have failed so far. Years ago there was another brewery, Charger Beer, but locals (and the previous owners) say the existing monopoly ran them out of business. There is no Pepsi Cola in Belize but that is another story.

Paws for Peace - P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary: Traveler Reviews
A few months ago I had the best experience of my life when i came to volunteer at PAW on the island of Caye Caulker. I stayed in the garden suite which was so clean, comfortable and fully furnished. I helped with the daily feeding of the animals, cleaned, nursed sick animals, groomed the kitties, fed the feral colony, bathe the dogs, socialize the kitties, pet the animals and pet and pet some more. I sat on the dock everyday and watched the beautiful sunset with Peaches and Oso a couple of the rescued dogs.

Travel in Belize: An introduction to popular districts and cayes
While the country of Belize may not be as big as other spots around the world, this small Central American country boasts a wealth of sights and attractions, and will easily leave you longing to return again soon. If you haven't been to Belize yet, or are just looking to learn more about the geographical make up of the country, here's an introductory look at some of the more popular districts and cities.

Moody's: Belize PM Suggestion Of Changes To Bond Payments Is Credit Negative
Remarks last week by Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow that his administration would seek "clear instructions" from the electorate "to do something about the superbond" are credit negative and raise concerns about another debt restructuring, Moody's Investors Service said in a report Monday.

How Belize is showing up Jamaica
We are told that much of Belize's land mass enjoys protected environmental status. Crucially, the general population - recognising where and how its bread is buttered - has also bought into environmental projects as part and parcel of community tourism. This happy Belizean story contrasts with the frustrating tendency in Jamaica to take our own environment for granted. The truth is that spoilt by the natural splendour of a land described by the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus more than 500 years ago as "...the fairest isle... my eyes have ever seen", Jamaicans have been careless and wanton with our physical space.

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