Belize Belikin Calendar Model K Portillo

Belize is well-known for a reasonably O.K. beer – Belikin. Only two problems. Some people do not like it. And worse, Belikin is a monopoly business – there is no other brewery in Belize. And trying to set up a micro brewery will give the entrepreneur so many government hoops and stonewalling to contend with, all efforts in this direction have failed so far. Years ago there was another brewery, Charger Beer, but locals (and the previous owners) say the existing monopoly ran them out of business. There is no Pepsi Cola in Belize but that is another story.

So in Belize, residents are limited to beers and soft drinks produced by one company. Imported beer is available but heavily taxed to keep it out of the reach of regular folks. And the best beers in the region, those made in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras are illegal. Nevertheless, locals desperate for a choice of brews smuggle them in through the land borders and the cops have fun busting them and taking them to court to pay triple the value of the beer.

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