Earlier today all five of Belmopanís Mayoral candidates received the list of questions which will form the heart of PlusTVís Belmopan Mayoral Debate. The event is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday night commencing at 8pm. Some 25 questions were submitted by Belmopan Residents but with several duplicate submissions and the limited time, the field was narrowed down to 16 questions. PlusTVís director Louis Wade told us more.

Louis Wade Jr. Director, PlusTV
PlusTV is proud to announce its first ever Mayoral Debate for the capital city of Belmopan. It is something that we are really looking forward to and we have the commitment from all five Mayoral Candidates that they will be attending this event. It is going to be carried live here on PlusTV across the entire nation of Belize. This debate is a little bit different from the other debates that you have been seeing, because most of the questions will be asked by residents of Belmopan. Some of the questions that have come in already are on infrastructure, crime, property taxes and derelict properties. These questions are going to be given ahead of time to the Mayoral Candidates so that they can prepare and then off course they will also have time to rebut each other. The entire event is going to be about an hour and a half long. So we are inviting people to tune in to PlusTV and to enjoy this historic occasion.

The event was first advertised with the event venue as the UB Auditorium in Belmopan. However, the event has been relocated just a few hundred feet away and will be held at the UB Gymnasium. The debate is being hosted by PlusTV and will be aired Live on its nationwide network.